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So, I'm a little bit confused. I was seeing what other anime there are to watch (particularly short ones since I've been seeing how much I like those recently) and I came across Ani Tore! EX.

And without reading, I just started watching.

This is a bit spoiler-y, but I'm not gonna call it that because there is no plot to spoil.

So, there's this cute girl, and she's all decked out in workout gear.

And she's yelling at me that we agreed to workout together.

And then she's teaching me how to do pushups!

And then we move on to curl ups.

And then we decide to reward ourselves with ice cream!

What in the world?!

I guess similar to how JK! Meshi is sort of educational (teaching a bit of history as well as giving a recipe in every 4min episode), this is trying to teach people how to work out! It definitely seems to be aimed towards middle and high school girls, and has a really upbeat motivational vibe.
So, if you're just starting working out, maybe use this anime to work out with! It's definitely very different from the normal workout videos, so you might enjoy it!
@allischaaff you might like this one, haha!!

Share this with any idol wannabes or anime lovers like me that wanna get fit, too!!

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I might have to do it cuz your cute and showing me how
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Lol this is anime for lesbians just so you know XD
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this anime is for guys who likes staring at little girls
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