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Stephen Hopkins's Race recently released their first trailer and -- honestly -- it might be one of the best trailers I've seen in my life. I'm naturally interested in biopics, especially if they have to do with significant moments in American History, so I was already hooked when I realized that the movie is about Jesse Owens.
It seems the film's narrative surrounds Owens's participation in the 1936 Berlin Olympics and the way he demolished the idea of "Aryan supremacy" by winning four gold medals during the Olympics.
One of the things I absolutely love about this trailer is the way that the intensity builds throughout the trailer. The way the trailer is edited puts a lot of emphasis on the acting within each scene. The interactions between Jesse Owens (played by Stephan James) and Larry Snyder (played by Jason Sudeikis) are the highlight here, especially at one moment about 3/4ths through the trailer.
There's a quick moment in the trailer where Owens and Snyder are arguing about Owens's indecision in participating in the Olympics. They have a quick exchange about the fact that Jesse Owens has people looking up to him because of his race and his status. It's made clear that his decision -- in the narrative of the film -- can affect more people than just himself.
And when Snyder says that he doesn't think about that stuff, Owens's responds in the best possible way by calling him out on his privilege. And that scene in particular and the way they decided to include it in the trailer instead is something that's awesome/amazing to me.
In a lot of movies like this, where there's a white man helping a black man, this issue is never addressed. But Race puts it right in front of us. They make us consciously think about the way society looks at people who have different ethnic backgrounds.
The main reason I find this particular moment so important is because I think it still applies today. It's such a powerful moment and, frankly, I thought it was awesome. Not often do we get to see People of Color call out white folks on their privilege on the silver screen.
Race will be in theaters in February 2016
this looks like a really important movie, and more than that, a really good movie with important things to say. I need to check this out.
Soo excited to see this!
Yes, that moment caught me too.