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Hey guys!!! Its finally here...finally lol!! This was probably the most frustrating card I have posted yet. Omg there were plenty of times where I almost threw my phone at the wall XD. But nevertheless its here and I hope you all enjoy it!!!
"Well well well. To what do I owe this wonderful pleasure?" TOP said to his four ex-members in front of him. Seungri spoke first, "TOP why are you doing this? What have you done to Kiara?". Daesung spoke to Seungri but kept his eyes focused on TOP, "There's no good reason for an act like this. It's unforgivable even when you consider his past. He needs to back off." TOP glanced at Daesung and chuckled, "Still the jealous type I see..". That's when Taeyang stepped in, "Hey come on TOP...don't be like this man." GD silenced them all and said in a firm and commanding voice, " TOP just let Kiara go now and we can end this without any conflict."
TOP looked at GD with a questioning stare, "I don't believe you're in any position to be making such demands my dear leader." Daseung whispered to GD, "He's obviously not gonna hand her over passively. We need to take her by force right now." Not wanting conflict Seungri took a closer step in TOP's direction, "Hyung..", TOP flinched at the familiar name for him, "Could all this be because of..?" Taeyang answered the question for TOP saying, "Yeah Seungri. You're right. TOP expression never wavered, "Looks like our little maknae isn't so little anymore. You are absolutely right." GD was tired of all this talk. He just wanted to get Kiara and leave. "TOP you knew the rules like the rest of us did. I'm sorry things turned out the way they did but I tried my best to help you. TOP was silent for a moment then said, "So if it were you...if it were you and this girl...and she was taken away because you loved her.." TOP stopped for a moment letting his emotion run free for the first time. "The only girl I've ever loved. Taken away because of a "rule". Tell me Jiyong!! How would you feel? How would you react??". Daesung looked down at his feet and Seungri stared at TOP with sad eyes.
GD was shocked by TOP's reaction to say the least. "TOP..I never knew how much she...if I would've knew...I never meant to hurt you TOP. I...I'm sorry." Taeyang spoke up, "TOP we may not know the pain you went through but it was hard for us too. We've all went through something like this and I'm sorry it happened to you because of us." "You should've came to us TOP. And it wasn't even GD's fault. The company called the four of us to a secret meeting to discuss your outside relations." Seungri explained. Daesung added,"Apparently they had been following you for a while and when they saw you with that girl...". Taeyang finished Daesung's part, "They decided to get rid of her for the success of the group." Seungri said with an urgency, "TOP you have to know that GD is the one who fought them the most to save your love. To find another way. He even risked his own love."
TOP tried but couldn't hide the shock and surprise on his face. He looked at them then at GD, "Are you serious? Did you really do that for me?" GD face showed embarrassment, "....Yeah. But then they threatened to send Kiara away too. I had a choice. My secret crush who happened to be my best friend or your girlfriend." TOP smiled, "You bastard. I would've done the same thing no doubt." Daesung smirked, "I bet you would've. I could definitely see that." Taeyang laughed at his remark. Seungri smiled happily because it was finally over and no one had gotten hurt. "Aiish....I must really look bad right now in front of you all after such a long time of not seeing each other." TOP finally turned to me who was still trapped, "Sad too...I was planning on teasing you a bit longer but for what its worth I'm sorry." He said this as he let me out. As soon as I was free I gave him a smack on the head....hard. "OW!!!" he yelled. The other guys laughed at their friend but quickly stopped when I looked in their direction. "You guys are unbelievable..but I guess that's why I love you and why I haven't called the cops." GD gave me a smile and I ran into his arms.

*1 Year Later*

"Yah what are you guys doing?? Its almost time for you to go on!!" I scolded. Daesung was still drinking to help his voice. Seungri was listening to their songs to help his memory. Taeyang was busy practicing his ab thrusts and GD had my favorite teddy bear and was teasing me with it. He noticed my expression, "Fine fine. Let's go guys!!" I thanked him and gave him a kiss for luck. TOP smirked at us and looked back at his girlfriend. Briana was fixing his hair. "Do your best okay? Fighting!!" she said with a big smile. TOP gave her a kiss, "Okay." he said giving her a thumbs up. Then they all walked off and waited for their cue.
They could hear it from a mile away...the sound they all missed...the screams and shouts from their fans gave them reminds them of what they are...they are one...they are


The End <3
This was actually the first story I have ever written that was so long. And I must say its really fun. Its so fun I want to do another one. I have some ideas but if you have any requests I'll be glad to write about it. I also want to thank all my readers and everyone who's taken the time to read my stories. Lol @tayunnie I'm glad you stayed patient. I'm so grateful for everyone who did. I love you guys!!!
Lol was it worth the wait?? ^.^ Here's the link for anyone else who needs it
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