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Harley Quinn, Catwoman and Poison Ivy
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I completely agree with @SierraWilson16 here: go Batman chicks! While the modern Catwoman can fit into either the villain or heroine role easily, she is quite mischievous and originally an adversary of Batman. I love her. I also love Poison Ivy, because I do love plants and nature. I love Harley because 1) she's stinking cute and crazy, and 2) I have done extensive research on her origin as the Italian Commedia dell'Arte character "Arlequin" and the similarities make me giddy. #nerd
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Disincluding their hotness it would either be Harley or Poison Ivy.
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I have a few but my top three are Mystique, Harley and Poison Ivy
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Too easy Harley Quinn sexy acrobatic and loyal as hell
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