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--------------------------------------------------------- After hearing the news, Jae Ha directly flied to China and went to the jail that Hang Ah is imprisoned! He asked all the guards to search through the jail, but they couldn't find her! The Chinese police shut Hang Ah's mouth so she can't even scream!! This is so intense. Jae Ha run into the jail and he saw Hang Ah being taken away!! He tried to save Hang Ah, but the police shot her!! She fell down >< I almost thought something bad happenend but luckily it was not!! She was shot in her leg only! Meanwhile, Si Kyung is still being tortured by that evil woman. That evil woman is creepy!! Suddenly John Mayer appeared and asked her to stop. He called Si Kyung and told him to move to Club M and work under him (it seems now he's trying all way to win!). 
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pity shi kyung!! oh noo!!
his reaction scared the hell out of me...i felt what he was feeling at that moment! 2thumbs up for him!
oh i wanted to say that tooo but i was busy typing TT everyone has to admit LSG's acting!! he is such a multitalented star!! Did u see his expression looking at hang Ah falling down?? touching his head..and look weak..with teary eyes~~
my favorite scene...I almost died when Hang-ah was shot...and LSG showed great acting skills here. Thanks @sapphire148 for capturing the best shots!
im sorry but is it just me or everyone wants to pinch LSG cheeks heheheeee