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Hey newsies, thanks for talking with me this week about the ocean and it’s magnificent beauty (esp. whales, sea turtles, and crabs). This week we’ve been posting cards about the ocean health and awareness.
Here’s a bit of a wrap up of what we talked about this week. I took some lovely screen shots of the best of our conversations.

The time that everyone was really worried about the chemicals leaking onto their...well...

Don’t worry, the swimsuit chemicals do not leak on your body. XD

When @TessStevens showed us some shocking statistics...

Poor Nemo.

The time that we wanted to help save the ocean for our little Turtle Buddies!

Are well all turtle-y enough for the turtle club?

The time the @LizArnone inspired us to keep our ocean safe.

I will now reflect on what seafood I eat a LOT more often.
Here’s the whole collection about the topic of Ocean Destruction and health.

Reflecting on the ocean, what did you learn this week? What would you like to do with this knowledge?

I learned about coral bleaching and that the fish are dying from pollution and overfishing. And also that my turtle babies are endangered! (╥﹏╥)
I really like the political cartoon too @danidee! Especially since the little mermaid is basically my spirit animal. ... er part-animal.
Hahha, I love this card, and I love that political cartoon. What a smart and powerful way to address the issue.
i'm tell you @lovelikematoi you really should watch that turtle documentary. you are only going to love turtles even more. you're the bomb. @WiviDemol even though you aren't a fan of fish, you still care. ;)
of course I'll be sharing it :)
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