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i am sure that there are ALOT of you who have heard or read this manga already.... i have always think that there's always a manga or anime out there for everyone, even if you are not a fan. the manga i wanted to talk about is shortly not for everyone due to it's graphic tragedy and drama. PLEASE NOTE THAT FROM MY POINT OF VIEW THIS MANGA IS MENT FOR AN OLDER AUDIENCE
Bitter Virgin, is one of my favorite mangas. back when I was a freshman my classmates recommended it to me. this is the type of manga that makes you want to read more and more. unlike other animes and mangas that catches your attention due to it great action scenes and comedy, this one really made me care for this character due to they tragedy and dark past, this had made me cry, sad, mad, laugh and smile unlike any other.

please don't hate me, as I've been told before that im sick for reading this.

Bitter Virgin is the story of high school student Daisuke Suwa and his classmate, a girl named Hinako Aikawa, as well as the relationship that develops between them soon after Daisuke discovers a tragic – and very personal – secret that Hinako has been forced to bear on her own.
my favorite manga series is love hina
what's the secret what happened in bitter virgin
she gets rape by her stepfather at a very young age several times and ends up pregnant.. @IsaiahWaterford