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" Well... First there was nothing, then there was everything... Then the good lord saw fit to bring me into the world to kick the asses of those who need it most. So get ready 'cause this day or the next, it's coming."

This version of Captain Marvel is all about kicking butt and taking no prisoners! Though a few people have had this identity (currently my favorite, Kamala Khan), I'll always have a special place in my heart for Carol Danvers.

"You screwed up, Avengers. That's human. What is also human is the ability to learn from those mistakes. To grow. To mature. If you do that -- even a little -- then perhaps what I went through will have a positive meaning. It's your choice."

Origins: She grew up in Boston (like me!). Introduced in 1968, Carol joined the Air Force, where she ended up in a battle against the alien Kree empire, which left her with half-Kree DNA and undiscovered powers. She was invited to join the Avengers after working with them on a number of cases.
Powers: She has superhuman strength, speed, and stamina, her body is resistant to injury, she can fly, and in some versions she can anticipate the moves of her opponents before they make them. She's also a trained spy, talented journalist, and accomplished soldier.

" Beat a knock-off version of myself to an airplane-shaped time machine? I'm Captain Marvel... I call that Wednesday."

Carol Danvers is tough. She's the kind of hero that talks a big talk and walks a big walk. She's not "one of the guys", she embraces who she is and her identity isn't framed that way. She's proof that you can be tough AND be a girl.
@CarmenMRey @thatonegirl @ButterflyBlu @loftonc16 @GinnaL13 @AimeeH @VeronicaArtino let's give a big shout-out to this amazing character!
@GinnaL13 @ButterflyBlu you're both pretty kick-butt people.... maybe you've been heroes all along?
@GinnaL13 Let's do it!! We'll find a way!
@ButteeflyBlu if only we had her power we would be defending the world of villans 馃槉
@GinnaL13 yes she is!!
she is awesome!!!
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