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It would have been faster that way.

You all know that annoying film trope: The hero is kind of incompetent and needs to train to save the day really fast. So the really awesome totally capable female side character ends up spending all her time training him... instead of just saving the day herself. Seems a little impractical to me. So, here are five female characters that really should have ditched their wimpy male hero and gotten the job done themselves!

The Wasp

Scott was fun but he was basically useless. Hope said herself it really should have been her saving the day. But she couldn't because Reasons.


To heck with the prophecy! Trinity was prepared from day one to save the day. She spent the first half of movie one annoyed because nobody else could get on her level.


Yeah, the girl who figured out Bruce Wayne's secret somehow had to wait around for Batman and Robin to get it together? Seems unlikely.

Princess Leia

She sure got abducted a lot. Definitely more than seems reasonable. And when her rescuers arrive she frequently did a lot of the escaping and killing enemies herself. Kind of seems like she could have brought balance to the force a bit faster than Luke, eh?


Maybe she wouldn't have been able to carry the one ring all the way to Mordor, but there was an irritating amount of time spent telling her not to do things she was clearly better at than everyone else.
Sarah Connor definitely
@Karthikkrazzy1 yes!! I was thinking a Sarah Conner, too. :) TRINITY! Yes! I get that the prophecy was the problem there, but, seriously, Trinity was Such a Badass!! <3
Emily Blunt from Edge of Tomorrow, Sarah Conner from terminator.
Exactly!!! Hahaha I hated that the female characters had to waste their time helping someone else instead of doing the job themselves! What these movies teach young girls is that you should support guys not do it yourself. Great message right!?? *sarcasm in my voice*
Yaaas, yes, yes, yes, and yes!!! Still haven't seen Ant-Man but from the previews that's all I was thinking why is she training him when she can just don the costume and save the day all ready!!
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