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I blame this all on @allischaaff and @RobertMarsh. (And @ChriSingularis actually. Because bubble tea.)
Actually, I feel like the girls in the K-Pop Community are probably licking it for other reasons. Have you seen those abs?
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@allischaaff Oh No! :)
2 years ago·Reply
ao @danidee yes ive seen those abs but i want those homemade snickers. this weekend i . will post the star wars cake i am makimg from scratch including the froating for my son's 8th birthday juat dont lick the screen
2 years ago·Reply
@VeronicaArtino already prepared to lick the screen. Already cleaned the screen... Oh wait it doesn't taste like anything...
2 years ago·Reply
Yeap that's me right there haha.
2 years ago·Reply
YESSS @VeronicaArtino you are my girl lol. Homemade Snickers > Abs is totally my philosophy. Also what is the cake going to look like? I love Star Wars!
2 years ago·Reply