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--------------------------------------------------------- Hang finally got to rest. When she woke up, she was panic and keep saying to arrest John Mayer no matter how. Jae Ha comfort her :) North Korea and South Korea met with the official in China, and said that China is involved in this false imprisonment, so they ask China to help them to catch John Mayer. I think China finally agree with that and John Mayer was really upset about that. They even torture Si Kyung more, because John Mayer wants him to work for him!! John Mayer forced Si Kyung to called Jae Ha that Club M wants him to meet at a place. I hope Jae Ha didn't fall into Club M's trap! Jae Ha told Hang Ah not to worry about him and told her to go back first to Korea. So finally they meet at the destined place, and Si Kyung asked Jae Ha to go with him without the guards. Si Kyung finally brought him to John he is pointing his gun to the King!!!! Si Kyung! No!!! ***There is no preview for next week*** 
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Haiszzzzzt...don't dare Si Kyung....your life is ruined when you shoot him...
@sapphire148 noooo cause im too anxious for next week's episodes. oh and i kept smiling too myself with the kiss scene replaying in my head!!!! why no preview for 19 and 20? T_T my will to live just went down by like -minus 100% . ah the stressssssss AND WAIT A MINUTE dream what dream? *jealous*
@satsuki92 well maybe i dream about him last nght??? AhAHAHAHAH wat about u dear, did u have a good sleep after watching the drama?
@sapphire148 rabid fangirl moment ;) but oh, come on. you gotta admit that what he was wearing is ..... *_* haha! btw thanks for the live recap :) made my transition to a Friday much much sweet
why no forehead kissing for LJH and HA????why why ...
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