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No matter how hard I tried to forget. You kept coming back.
I told myself that things were going to be all right. That somebody would see would see me as their love.
But, that never happened. I tell myself that it was a nightmare. A place I should never have gone. Yet, the memory still stays, and it's painful. To then and now, which is worse? The pain is there like needles, that pin your skin day in and day out.
As the days went by, the pins began to retrack. The skin slowly healing. I'm on my way now. Past the endless sky, that I once feared. No more will I fear the open road. For I am free. And free as can be, for the journey ahead.
My life is pleasant, now. With little much to carry. Your name isn't one of them, but what you taught me, is. Goodbye memory. I wish you farewell. For the road is long, and things might get tuff. Goodbye my friend.