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I KEEP MISSING DAYS SHFNFJSKKDKR. Anyways this day is an appreciation post for rapmon. It's really hard to think of this on the spot and not make it like a full on chapter lol. Soooooo Namjoon I love you cause you're one of the most genuine people I've never met xD but really he's very genuine when he speaks and he's definitely genuine about his love for armies. I also love that you can feel all the emotions he has through his song like in all 3 cypher's. Another thing is that he's a dork they all are but sometimes he just surprises me with how adorkable he gets. His MIXTAPE IS FIRE NO QUESTIONS ASKED All of his raps give me chills especially awakening so if you haven't listened to it you should. So that's my appreciation post for Namjoon. I apologize for the bountiful amounts of grammar mistakes in this