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"We're not safe! We never were."

Jessica Jones is seeing a lot of new fans because of the upcoming Netflix series (November 20th needs to hustle), but she's always been cool.

"Did you do your 'I-don't-break' speech? I love that one."

Origins: Jessica was exposed to radioactive chemicals in an accident that killed her family. Discovering that the accident had given her powers, she decided to become the hero Jewel. However, she didn't have full control of her powers. She was captured by The Purple Man, hypnotized and kept prisoner for months. After the trauma of the experience, she gave up the hero life, becoming a detective instead.
Powers: She has superhuman strength and durability, and she's also able to fly.

" You shoot that gun at me--I will pull that bullet out of my ruined four hundred dollar leather jacket...and I will shove it up your ass with my pinky finger. And which one of us do you think that will hurt more?"

Jessica's story is a really important part of the comic book canon. It puts the vigilante element of superheroes in a very different light. We often don't question the risk when it comes to heroes, when often they're in life-threatening situations. The amount these characters sacrifice is great, and Jessica Jones paid the cost.
@BiblioLady @DanWest @kararhory @CandaceJordan @jibarito @CarmenMRey @ChosenKnight @LAVONYORK who else is totally hype to see this lady on Netflix!
@shannonl5 yep because Jessica will be in the house next month
@BiblioLady I think they're gonna HAVE to get ready! :D
I hope a lot of people are ready to see this girl in action.
@BiblioLady I AM SO READY haha I might try to dress up as her the day it releases :D