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There's always that one house on every block - the house that is obviously owned by neighbors who are loving Halloween just a little too hard. There's coffins with severed limbs hanging out of them. There's smoke machines, scary music, spider webs, and bloody handprints.

They've got the scariest decorations every year, but at what point are they going TOO far?

This is the debate going on in the community of Parma, Ohio, when one house was pressured into taking down all of their Halloween decorations as locals deemed them 'too scary' for public display.
Above is the front lawn of the residence just a few days before the decorations were taken down. The display included dummies soaked in fake blood, bound with rope, impaled on upside-down crosses, or with their throat stabbed with prop syringes. This is the third year the owners used these decorations - however, the first time they received complaints.
Local parents stressed concern that this house was far too close to a local elementary school, but house owner Vicki Barrett has young children herself, both of whom were never very scared of her decorations because she taught them that they were just props:

"When we put up the display, I don't think we even considered that there was a school there. I think as parents, if my kids were going to that school or if I was someone in the neighborhood, I would just teach my children that this is a Halloween display, and I thought other parents would have done the same."

Now that she has taken the decorations down, she has decided not to redecorate at all - not even placing a pumpkin out on her step, adding that that's "not the way [they] want to express" their enthusiasm for Halloween.
So now I want to know:

Do you guys think that scary Halloween decorations should be censored or regulated at all? Or do you think that it is the parents' responsibility to teach children that they aren't real?

As a huge Halloween fan, I'm really interested in hearing what you all might have to say on the subject. (Personally, I can see both sides of the argument!)
In my opinion these decorations were pretty cool. If you have an issue with it or you are offended by something then just skip that house. Always keep in mind the people that put those up think differently and might have a different mindset, but that's what makes us human. Also it's Halloween, it's supposed to be spooky, scary, and gory. However concerning the upside down cross it kinda depends on who is looking at it. I'm not religious so I don't see the big deal others who are religious will think differently. If the dummy on the upside cross was made to look like Jesus Christ though then there would be a real issue, but that's just my opinion.
I feel like the way they are using censorship is generally a stupid thing. Especially on this level it's just Halloween decorations. You don't like it? Good doesn't concern you. Don't want your kids to see it? Not their problem find a different way around the situation. That's that set of parents decision on how to handle it and they should be able to handle it on their own without bringing everyone and their sister into the problem. Teach your kids and educate them that in fact, yes those are just dummy's and they don't have to be scared. I feel like we are just getting more and more censored every year and that's why this bothers me so much... Don't get offended by something that doesn't concern you. In nobody is being physically or emotionally harmed on purpose then don't worry about it.
freedom of expression. I'm glad that people get so eager about Halloween. if people are going to complain about Halloween decorations why don't I get to complain about religious Christmas decorations? freedom of expression. I feel for her, parents should monitor their own kids and not expect everyone else to do it for them
no people do that all year round be accusing them of being terrorists beating up gay people and throwing every racial slur possible but I do get what your saying and I think its all a matter of perspective I see it as a decoration that's pretty messed up but with no ill intent other than scaring people but you see it as much more than that
Honestly, I agree with the parents. They should just teach the kids that it's only props and not real because then children will never get over their fear. it's also very creative decorating and I would totally do the same. I think it should only be censored concerning religious images such as the cross. that shouldn't be done. anything having to do with racism or real events that's not to be made fun of.
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