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Campbell's soup recently launched an advertisement in conjunction with the new Star Wars adaptation featuring an adorable kid eating soup for dinner. He's got two loving parents who care enough to feed him properly and that should be the end of it right?
Well, it's not. And no surprise, conservative morons from all across the ugly Republican party are butting heads with people over the AD, which they claim, "promotes an unnatural image."
The title of the AD is, "Campbells #RealRealLife"
Which makes sense, considering there are over 40,000 families in the United States that consist of this "two dad" dichotomy, and they seem to be doing just fine.
The Ad in question is just like any other heartwarming Campbell's add, where a loving family is enjoying the wholesome, nutritious soup that the company has always provided. Not a long shot, that even gay people...yes. Even they can enjoy Campbell's soup and provide a good, loving home to their children.
Stephen Colbert referenced the ad in a small way on the Late Show. He called the ad powerful and heartwarming...just like any other commercial.
He called the product integration of Campbell's and Star Wars more unlikely than the idea of having two dads. Kind of brilliant right?
One Million Moms, a conservative group founded on a whole lot of bigotry and hatred, "This gay inclusive commercial is attempting to desensitize viewers by promoting an unnatural marriage."

My question is, who gets to tell people what's natural and what's not?

What conservative groups like "One Million Moms" and others miss, is the fact that this kid is lucky enough to have two loving parents that are willing to spend their time playing games with him. Orientation has nothing to do with it.
These groups should be focusing on promoting more things like this, to show that no matter what your family looks like, or what the hell gender your parents doesn't matter, as long as they're good parents and their kids are being taken care of.

These are the things that matter: safety and happiness. This kid looks really safe, and really happy. So what's the problem?

There isn't one.

Feel free to share this card with people who know what family is: a union of people willing to love and support each other no matter what.

this ad is so dorky but I love it I don't see whats wrong with it at all I think they look like a happy family and in my opinion I don't think anyone on earth has the right to say what's natural and what's not because we all have different views and it would be impossible to represent them all accurately. I also think people should be more open minded because times are changing they always are. you can either fight against the current and drown or ride it out and see where it takes you lifes too short to judge people on the way they live their lives especially if they aren't causing harm
I'm one of those people that doesn't like Star Wars and when I first was watching the commercial I was like "ohh gawd another Star Wars commercial" and then the second dad came into the pic saying "no, I'm your father" and I went gaga!! And I hope they keep making commercials that show these different families.
What an adorable ad!! :D I wish people would choose love over judgement and get over themselves. I love the ad!!
Awesome @mchlyang glad to help put it out there. :) that's a good opinion to have!
Gotta love Colbert. And I also, I agree. Who decides what's normal and what's not. It's love and there is no right or wrong answer! Thanks for sharing this. I haven't heard about it until I came across your card!
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