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Looking out my living room window to the northeast I witnessed the explosion of energy released by a thunderstorm cell.
As I watched my TV of live coverage by the news I witnessed this same storm cause flash floods and drop enormous amounts of quarter-sized hail.
I set my Nikon D4s up, grabbed my 85mm f/1.4 lens - aperture set to 2.8 - I programmed the camera's internal intervalometer for 1 frame every 10 seconds - 180 total frames - 30 minutes total.
I brought the raw frames into Sony Vegas - first at 4 frames per image - then at 2 frames per image.
The resulting footage is amazing.
Photos Compliments of KTLA Fox News - Mud slides from the storm caused massive closures of the I-5 North Freeway and dozens of cars and trucks were buried and stuck.
So much energy is being released. What's really amazing is the upper atmosphere clouds were moving to the southeast. The storm was moving due west then the thunderstorm cell curled up and back to the east while the lower atmosphere clouds were moving to the north west.
There were clouds moving in practically every direction.
This video gives you an idea of just how complex, powerful, beautiful, and dangerous large thunderstorms can be.
Photos Compliments of KTLA Fox News - Hail from the storm litters the countryside.
@nicolejb, we were talking about this, weren't we? Gorman is about 40 miles northwest of my house. This is the mess I worry about with the mud on the mountain where I live. If it slides above me, well, it plops right onto the property or even against the house. If it happens below me, we're stuck unable to leave, depending on the severity. It can also make the ground unstable for some homes. (My house is sitting on actual quartz, so I don't worry about that as much as other people, but if what slides is supporting the weight of the quartz, it can still shift.) I do have a second vehicle that can handle the drive down in case of some sliding, but you run the risk of sinking into the mud if it's too deep and still moist. It's just not wise. I'm still under a flood watch today. We shall see how it all goes. Beautiful video, @JonPatrickHyde. I love to watch the clouds and I have a great view, but it's interesting to see them time-lapsed like you've done. Thank you for sharing! :)
woah. these are some pretty scary clouds!! I really like to watch timelapse videos of storms though, even though they are scary.
I guess the mud-slides happen when the dirt gets so dry from the drought and then some serious rain comes. the land can't handle it. plus the plants all dried up too I bet. sounds like a really awful problem @ButterflyBlu keep us updated! it's good you have a vehicle that you can use in an emergency, but man I hope you don't have to.
@JonPatrickHyde that's really good! I'm glad you and the kitties will all be ok ^_^
I'm fine. I was 50 miles from the destruction... What you saw in the video was as close as it ever got to me. The night's not over and we're expecting more storms. But even then I'm near the top of a hill and we've not had any fires - that's the thing that makes mud slides more likely. The areas hit today all suffered severe fires earlier in the year. With no grass or plants to hold the earth in place - a good storm can create a serious threat. Thanks for the concern. :D
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