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So, where I live, we never get rain. Or clouds. I believe the term is, "rain shadow". So on the weird times that we DO get rain, shit goes down. People don't realize that it's wet outside, even though they post it everywhere on their social media and shit themselves because WATER IS FALLING FROM THE SKY!, so they still drive fast and aggressively. So, accidents and sirens galore. And as I mentioned, social media is blown up. I usually just stand in the rain until it stops or I get sick for a few weeks. I love thunderstorms, I love torrential rains. I love when the boom is so loud that your teeth chatter. I love when the flashes are so bright, it's as if a swat team is trying to neutralize you. I. Love. It.
I mean, look at that!! Ugh! So beautiful! I can't be the only one who wants to be in this weather forever! @danidee BRUH! Are you getting any of this where you are?!?
@Arellano1052 I'm with you. I love love love storms and rain. I'd rather that weather any day. It was awesome to have so many days in a row with actual weather here!! @danidee those mudslides weren't far from me up here, only about 40 miles west and a little north. A lot of people from the valley here for stuck.
@danidee Indeed. Though, I may just have to make a card for your Weird Hometown Challenge Collection.
@GrowingArt My best friend lives in Fresno, and she's originally from LA so she always says something similar. I feel like people in SD/LA/OC area tend to give Fresno a bad rap, but it's usually just because we're all superficial aholes.
@danidee Fresno. It's not the best city in the world, but it's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be in the movies and on TV.
@GrowingArt Really? Damn, I had no idea. Where in California are you?
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