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Today in the News!

1. Eat a 30-pound burrito and drink a ghost-pepper margarita, then you can own 10 percent of a restaurant. It would be “rice” to own part of the restaurant, but that’s a lot of food!
Card by: @alywoah
2. Drinking black coffee or beer could also mean that you are a psychopath. How “crazy" you are about those beverages tells us about your personality.
3. Check out the nomination for the 2015 American Music Awards. The show is in November, so it’s quite a few “Weeknd"s from now.
4. An Afghan Teen channels her frustration in hip-hop music. She used music to escape from an arranged marriage. She was “rapped" up in a scheme to get married, but found a way out.
5. Dozens of elephants were poisoned and died in the same place Cecil the Lion died. It’s very tragic how many elephants, no really, we aren’t “lion”!
Card by @TessStevens
This part of a collection I like to call Punny News, follow it for weekly puns of Vingle News.
Hahaha awww well I aim to please you too @ButterflyBlu :)
@nicolejb they are Stacey-serving too, then, Nic!! ^.^
hehehehehehehe. I think my puns are more self-serving than anything but I'm glad you love them so much.:D @ButterflyBlu
Have I mentioned that I freaking LOVE YOU and your puns??? Cause I DO!!!!