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The writers that create our favorite characters!

This Ladies Week, we've been talking a lot about representation. Which means the last day is a good time to pay our respects to the amazing people that are working behind the scenes to make that happen.

Alex de Campi

You'll recognize her writing style from Kat & Mouse, as well as her two-issue Wonder Woman run. Fun fact: before she was a writer she worked as an investment banker in Hong Kong, and she was the videographer for the music video for Leeds United by Amanda Palmer.

G. Willow Wilson

Currently kicking butt on the pages of Ms. Marvel, she also wrote for DC's Vixen and Vertigo's Air series. She's also an award-winning novelist and a mom. She's as super as her characters!

Kate Leth

She's the series writer for Bravest Warrior and the upcoming series Hellcat. She's a writer and an artist, completely self-taught. She also hosts a bi-weekly comics podcast called Kate or Die, and she's collaborated with Welcome to Nightvale.

Gail Simone

Currently the writer for Red Sonja, Simone has become an institution in the comics community. She was the writer for Batgirl, Deadpool, Birds of Prey, Wonder Woman, and many others. Fun fact: She was a hairdresser and a theater major.

Kathryn Immonen

She's worked on Hellcat, Runaways, and is currently working on a series called Journey into Mystery which features Lady Sif as one of the main characters. A lot of her work features art by her husband Stuart, including the comic Moving Pictures.
@ChosenKnight me too! Both their careers and the characters they've built are incredible and I hope the industry learns from their successes and starts to seek out talented, innovative people like this!
AAAAWWWW YYYYEEEEAAAAHHHHH!!lol this is a great card.I hope they inspire more female comic book writers in the future.
@loftonc16 heck yeah!!! I totally look up to her, she's INCREDIBLE
Woot woot! I love Willow Wilson! It inspiring that she is a mom just like me and was able to go for her passion.
@danidee I LOVE HER SO MUCH. She also runs a community for female comic store/vendors. She's SO GOOD. I met her really briefly at an erotic watchmen fanfiction contest and I maybe have a huge crush on her now
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