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First Up is the catptain
Kenichi (Kenichi! Histories Mightiest Disciple) Captain. Of course Kenichi is Captain. He has Charisma, strength, and overall that Never give up attitude.
Seishirou Tsugumi (Nisekoi) First Mate. Honestly I love her and I just feel that if you have seen her in action you might not understand my choice. But under that cute face she can be a badass.
Adashiro (Mushishi) Medic. I feel that he would make a pretty good Medic for the crew. Not only does he know about Mushi but he knows plenty of other medical techniques.
Edward Elric (Full Metal Alchemist) Shipwright. Alot of you may not see why I made him shipwright but I see it as he could fix any damage with the ship in seconds. Easy as that lol.
Allen Walker (D-Gray Man) Heavy Hitter. Allen is just a Badass and would easily beat alot of enemies. So he is like the Ships Body Gaurd .
Levy (Fairy Tail) Navigator. Levy makes a good fit here. she knows alot of languages. Studies everything and is really smart. Plus she can use her magic.
Golgo (Golgo 13) Sniper. If you haven't seen this show then I recommend it. He is the essence of Badassery.
Tatsume (Akame Ga Kill) Swordsman. It's Pretty obvious why I picked good ole Tatsume so I'll just leave the last one here.
Sanji (One Piece) Cook. Sanji has already earned his keep from his adventures with Luffy and his amazing cooking.
That's my Pirate Crew. (Pic Unrelated) Hope you guys enjoyed it. Tell me what u think. @VinMcCarthy @Danse