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Hello Vinglers! It's time for another Twisted Thursday Challenge~ Let's get started!

This week topic is: Anime Parents!~

If you were to be raised by anime characters, who would your parents be! Don't forget to tell me why you chose your parents~


> Be as creative as possible! by using videos, gif, images, etc.
> Write {TT} on the title so I know its for this challenge!
> Please tag me so I won't miss your cards!
> Tag 3 people from the community to do the challenge!
> You have until next Wednesday to do this!
> Have fun!
Let's have another great week in the Anime Community!~
Thanks to everybody who participated in last weeks {TT} and hope many people to participate this week as well!
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well that was supposed to be a <3 but oh well
2 years ago·Reply
YESHHHHH. I am gonna do this right now. Awesome topic!
2 years ago·Reply
challenge accepted !
2 years ago·Reply
@kirigayakazut0 join our twisted Thursday challenges!
2 years ago·Reply