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When I was younger there were many great shows for kids/teens. Here you will see me mention some of my favorite ones. Maybe it will bring back some memories to some of you. 馃槈馃槃

Alegrijes y Rebujos

This show had magic, some great songs and dances, drama, and it also taught some great values for children. A group of kids discover and explore a mansion that is said to be haunted by its millionaire owner, Don Darvelio. They soon discover he (the owner) is not dead, but rather he is being haunted by an evil witch. The kids have to work together to bring the evil witch down and help Don Darvelio, but because one group (the Alegrijes) are the ones who truly want to help Don Darvelio and the other group (the Rebujos) want to help the evil witch, it creates a lot of drama between the friends and each of their families. I recommend it. And let me just tell you that Sofia had the greatest hairstyle that I had (at the time) wished for. I also had the biggest crush on Alfonso.


This show is more for teens and adults. It takes place at a prestigious high school in Mexico City and it basically revolves around the lives of the members of a forming pop band. I would also like to mention that the band is real, but has disbanded and their name was RBD. They were very successful and had some great songs.

Amy, La Ni帽a de la Mochila Azul

This show is about a baby girl who is rescued at sea, gets taken in by a fisherman and his wife, and grows up as a tomboy. After losing his wife, the fisherman is destroyed, loses everything, has almost no money, and is about to lose the last thing he has: his ship, which is their home. With this kind of trouble, Amy is faced with Carlota, a woman looking to gather orphans in order to use the donations given to her to buy jewelry. Amy tries to avoid going to the orphanage by helping her father. As she tries helping him, she meets new friends and allies. One man in particular, Octavio, genuinely cares for her, becomes great friends with Amy and without realizing it he meets his own daughter who was missing at sea. I loved this one so much! I thought it was very beautiful and I liked seeing Tatiana as a mermaid. (There's a special reason for it, but I don't want to give it all away.) The show has a lot of drama, laughter, magic, fun, romance, and many great songs.

C贸mplices al Rescate

This a show is mostly centered around two twin sisters who have been separated since birth. One of them, Mariana, has always lived with their biological mother. She is sweet and caring. The other twin, Silvana, was taken from her biological mother and twin sister since birth. She is more selfish and mean. At one point the twins meet and switch places to be able to join a famous band called C贸mplices al Rescate. Later on, Silvana's kidnappers realize the sisters have met each other and decide to capture Mariana too. As a result the members of the band try to help rescue the girls and get them safely to their mother. I like to point out that at the beginning Belinda was playing both Silvana and Marina and then later on replaced by Daniela Lujan. I put two different songs on this one because the first one is the theme song and the other is El Baile del Sapito, which was my favorite song to dance to.

Vivan los Ni帽os

Lupita has moved to Mexico City, left her people, and is now a second grade teacher. At first, she is scared about what the children will be like and how they might treat her, and it turns out the children love her and she loves them too. The relationship with the children sends the cast through many comedic adventures. Honestly, this show brought a lot of feels. There's this boy who has a huge crush on this one girl. At first, she treats him like he is nothing, but ends up liking him too. (Some of the things she said to him before were really mean and it seriously shattered my heart because I thought he was the cutest thing ever. I mean, he did a lot for her even though he didn't have much. It makes me think of Juan Gabriel's song: "No tengo dinero ni nada que dar. Lo 煤nico que tengo es amor para dar.") There's also a little girl who is bigger than the others, but is very lovable and kind. I hate how some of the children treated her because she was really sweet. Okay, I'm sorry for the overloaded information, but all the (main) student characters were great and the show was amazing. It really is funny, has a variety of different children (with different hair color, skin color, and things like that), and makes you feel a lot of emotions.

What do you guys think?

Let me know if you guys have seen any of these, what you thought about them, and/or if you would like to watch them.
Yeah, it's kind of a super old novela lol. But the theme song to this day haunts my dreams.
@alywoah As far as I know these were shown in the U.S. and Mexico, but I don't know if they were shown in other countries. Amy is a wonderful one and I recommend watching it. @danidee I've never heard of that one. I just looked it up and it seems like it's an earlier version of Vivan los Ni帽os, but I'm not sure lol
@alywoah You're very welcome.
Ah gotcha! I'll definitely check it out. Thank you so much. @dancingdazzler.
@alywoah I think these are all Mexican telenovelas! I've never seen any from any other countries although I hear there's a bunch that are really good. I think I've seen some from South America floating around on Viki and other websites
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