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Will post the summary as soon as it's out. If anyone finds the link to the raw please let me know, either jpn or chn is fine. Part 1 + Translation: Part 2: Part 3: Ch 94 Raw + Translation: Cover Page Page 2 Tomoe: Even though I took her here, there is no need for me to kill her…She is just a small fry. If I don’t bother with her, she will only starve or freeze to death. Page 3 What kind of feeling is this? Page 4 Let her live a little longer. And not give her to the demon king yet... Let her be by my side… Page 5 Nanami: My body can’t move…I seemed to be trapped… Tomoe: Don’t move..Stay put and do not move an inch till I’m awake…Let me sleep a little longer.. Page 6 Nanami: Where is this place? What are you doing here? Nanami: Yesterday, I was…I was attacked by demons on my way… Tomoe: Just look at you…the poison has yet been purged out from your body… Page 7 Wait!!! Nanami: Why is Tomoe here? Isn’t the demon king coming? Nanami’s thought: I shouldn’t be here with Tomoe. If I have not switched body…it wouldn’t have been me but Yukiji… Am I the one who separates the two of them? Page 8 Tomoe: I will never give you to the demon king. I will take care of you for the rest of my life. You just be good and do not make me lose my temper…. Nanami’s thought: 500 years ago… Page 9 The bad temper Tomoe…. Nanami: Wait! Where are you bringing me? Isn’t this Tomoe’s home? Please wait…I can’t leave with Tomoe…. To be able to see Tomoe, even though I am more than happy…but I still have to go back.. In order to be able to be with you 500 years later Page 10 In order to be able to meet the one who made me into Nanami… Tomoe: If I want I can turn you into ashes easily by thinking about it…you are just like a puppet to me! Page 11 You should be grateful to be able to live! Nanami: YOU STUPID FOX! Nanami: I said I want to go home! I hate the TOMOE who speaks to me this way. Page 12 Tomoe: You hate me??? You would have been dead if I were not here…how could you say you hate me? Nanami: YES Tomoe: Interesting…you can’t even stand properly now, how can you go back? Nanami: THERE HAS GOT TO BE A WAY! Tomoe: I’ll kill her! Page 13 Tomoe: You can try harder…you will only starve to death here… Page 14 Tomoe: What can this weakling do in the mountains…when she can’t even walk by herself…I wonder if she will die faster from starving in the mountains or illness or getting eaten up by the beasts in the mountain… Anyway, I’m sure she wouldn’t be able to tolerate it after one night…and will definitely be more submissive…and will come crying and begging after me…. Page 15 Tomoe’s flashback: “I hate the Tomoe who speaks this way”…Can’t imagine her words will hurt me so badly…What kind of feeling is this?….Who is she to be able to do this to me??? Page 16 Is he a heart-stealing mountain thief? No wonder he has a house in the mountain… Nanami: The Tomoe is no different from the demon king…It can’t be…Tomoe can’t be like this… Page 17 Bad guys: Oh, how could there be a lady sleeping here? Nanami: They seemed like bad guys….Hi erm…I was poisoned and am recuperating at present… Bad guys: She looks really pretty….for us who have toiled so hard for the whole day Page 18 Bad guys: Help! A monster! A fox!!!! Tomoe: I told you you can’t do anything alone…. Nanami: Tomoe... Page 19 Nanami: Stop! Don’t kill them…. Tomoe: Why? Page 20 Nanami: To be different from the demon king is to understand the pain of human isn’t it? Page 21 Tomoe: So….does it mean that you do not hate me anymore? Page 22 Nanami: No…I don’t hate you anymore…. Tomoe: What is this feeling? To feel miserable because of being hated by her…and to feel happy to be liked by her….Can this be…… Next chapter will be out next month April 5th! I love Tomoe so much in this chapter! So Nanami thinks Tomoe was in love with Yukiji when she traveled back in time but it was the future Nanami who switched places with Yukiji that Tomoe loves!??!! But how come Tomoe didn't realize Nanami was the one he loves all along? This is getting so exciting hehe :D
Love your translation! Tomoe's reaction is too cute!!
THANKYOU!! omg I can't wait for the new chapter >< UUGH the story is soo INTERESTING o-o...
full translation has been updated :)
thanks for the link! will work on it asap!!
Waiting patiently for translation >_<
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