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Live recap starts ENDED You know K2H will start next the moment you see Lee Seung Gi's Samsung fridge CM. If you're reading my live recap, please like and comment. It's good for your health :P and mine (reading your comments ^-< ) ------------------------------------------------------- Refresh this card for live update. I will update this card every 1-2 minutes. If you like this recap, please spread the words~~~ Screencaps by @sapphire148 :D <b>Legend</b> Jae Ha (Dimple King :X): JH Hang Ah (Queen of Action): HA Jae Shin (Our Princess-nim): JS Shi Kyung (Knight in Shining Armor): SK Kyu Tae (Secretary/Evil Ajusshi): KT Queen Dowager: QD Bong Goo (Creepy Psychotic Freak): BG ----------------------------------------------------------- It begins with A chinese man dressed in village clothes. He lights an incense while his wife cutting the veggies. HA walks in ask if she could stay in Chinese. The man let her sit down and he walks out with his wife. HA sits down and is served tea by the wife. She said thanks in Chinese and gives the lady her watch as a token of thanks. The wife told her to run away. She's shocked and realize the man has called the police. Some Chinese police walked in and took her way. She's interrogated by a man who speaks Korean. He asks for her name and after awhile she is taken away. Then the man got a call from Club M. It was BG on the phone. The man speaks Chinese and BG speaks in Korea. I can never get why they speak in 2 languages like that to begin with. HA is in a cell in prisoner's clothes. She asks for water but the guard refuses to give her. She's doing some exercise and stretches in the prison. Seems like she still got it with her high kicks. She sits down and sighs. There's a wound on her face. Suddenly a hand with ring, and we know it's JH's hand gently put on her shoulder. She looks and surprised to see JH sitting beside her. He smiles and hugs her. She closes her eyes but second later he disappears. JH is in his room thinking about HA again. A man came in to report. KT is going to some countryside with some belongings. It looks like fishing equipment. He saw SK and they both smile. They sit by the lake and talk. It's a nice place and scenery gives you a sense of peacefulness. SK talks about himself while KT is talking. He said he is himself and his dad is his dad. SK asks what happened and KT changes the topic by saying it looks like something ate the bait but it was nothing. It seems they made peace with each other. JH and some officials are discussing and a guard came in to report about SK. JH sighs. SK is talking to the head royal guard and he scolds him. SK takes out a resignation letter and put it on the table. He went to gather his things and a guard told him SK can't leave because JH put a ban on traveling. SK is upset and went to find JH but an official stops him from coming inside. So he stands outside and talk to JH who is inside his office. SK says please let me go. He walks away and then suddenly says Lee Jae Ha! and starts using informal language. JH walks out and says you call me Lee Jae Ha? SK is red with tears. Next scene they start reading mountains of documents through the night but nothing useful was found. JH stood up and talks about KT. He asks when did SK know the truth. SK starts talking about JS. JH made a call and have someone take JS to a park. They took away her wheelchair and put her on a bench. SK makes his way to her and she avoids looking at him in the face. SK told her about what his father did and she starts crying and looks at him in shocks. SK swats down and talks to her. She's still crying and can't speak. He holds her hand which is gripping her clothes. Then he piggybacks her and they talk while walking. JS said something and makes SK smiles. He told her don't try to hard and she said yes. She said she will do that. He put her in the wheelchair and she looks at him lovingly. She gives him a peck on the cheek while he's still o his knee. Poor guy couldn't stand it and give her a long kiss on the lips!!! He stands up and shocked at what he just did. He apologizes and JS said what for? He quickly takes her back. At night in his office he reflects on what he did and starts reading some docs. JH went to see KT at his fishing place. They sit down and talk. JH asks KT to come back (I think). KT told JH about his confession to QD. It seems he already confessed to QD in the greenhouse. The flashback starts with him talking to QD. QD's eyes are red with tears but she's taking cooly. JH is in his office while an office came to deliver a report. Before reading the report, JH looks at his brother's portrait and said are you happy now? Then the video diary starts recording. He said something and suddenly realizes something huge. Dramatic music starts playing. He looks at the small table in his room. Then the video record and makes a call to SK who was discussing something about the location. It looks like JH is about to make the announcement about the truth that his brother was assassinated. He goes to the press conference. Many reporters are there. BG's henchman told him JH is making an announcement and it seems it's about them. BG said they should watch it. At the airport everyone is watching from the big screen. They are shocked to know the former king was killed. Then JH started playing the video of BG's confession while he visited last time. When BG said he killed JH's brother. Everyone is in shocked. It looks like when BG said are you happy to JH, the recorder starts record their convo. BG got stone face watching this. Now they got the evidence and everyone knows about it. KT is back and going to a meeting with other representative of other countries. He gave them a thick document that says Petition something (I missed it). BG walks away. His henchman makes a call and it seems he plans to take BG out cuz he's gone crazy. Then suddenly BG appears from outside the window putting down his phone. BB walks in and the guy is scared and shakes his head uncontrollably. WOC guys are outside preparing an attack. BG had his henchman killed by drowning him in the pool. Then suddenly a gunshot. SK comes in his mansion but lost his gun. He fought a bit with BB but lost. BB took him to BG. SK is kneeling while BB points a gun to his head. BG told her not to hurt him and they took him somewhere. Other guard told JH SK has been captured. They took him to the basement. BB starts to torture him starting with his fingers. A doctor is treating HA's injury in the prison then suddenly she got him as hostage and tells the soldier not to come near. She told the doctor give her his cell phone and calls JH who was talking to SK. She told him the location. But some Chinese men came in and fire a shot. She released the doctor but the phone got disconnected. The chinese official got a call that JH is coming to see them. JH comes to prison along with other NK officers. In the prison a policeman is pointing a gun to HA and there were several men in there as well. The head of the prisoner came to meet JH and greets him in Chinese. Another guy is doing the translation. He said that HA cannot be here and JH orders people to search for her. Everyone is calling her name but she cannot be found anywhere. She heard the NK guy calling for her and stood up. The policeman makes her sit down but she hit them and turn around to the window. They're about to take her somewhere. She yells and calls for JH. They silence her with a cloth. JH starts running to the prison. 3 guys are restraining her and 1 points a gun at her. They're taking her to the basement. JH is looking inside but can't find him He calls HA. She was on the second floor and he was walks away on the first floor. They saw each other and JH's eyes got big and his mouth open wide. Chinese men dragger her away but she resister hard and got away. She ran but one man fires a shot at her and she falls down, blood dripping. JH heard the shot and staggers coming close to HA who is lying on the floor. He touches her and said HA ah. She moans in pain. It looks like it was her leg that got shot so she's ok. JH is crying while hugging her. He looks like someone who just saw the sun after a long time and finally is able to breath for the first time. The foreign man who got the location info from KT last time got a call about what happened and told BG. BB is torturing SK who got injuries all over his face and body. BG came in and slaps her. He lets SK out and has a talk with him face to face. BG is still trying to get SK to work for him now that all people beside him are gone except BB. This BG guy is so creepy overtime he threatens someone with his straight face. HA is lying in bed. She opens her eyes and her father is beside her. The first thing she asks is JH. JH comes in and HA calls him comrade JH. She's worried about BG and what he's gonna do. Her father leaves the 2 alone. HA is worried that BG might plan to kill JH for real. JH hugs her and assures her. She starts crying. He apologizes for making her going through the hardship. He hugs and pats her head saying it's ok while she's crying hard. A Chinese man come to meet HA's dad and JH. They're trying to avoid responsibility which doesn't make HA's dad happy. JH is taking it cooly and said something to them. The guy makes a call to BG who is sitting on his childish and colorful bed. The guy blamed BG and hung up. BG asks where is Sk and went to meet him. BG sits down next to SK and doing his whisper threatening. SK remembers the torture and closes his eyes. He's back to the torture room with 2 men pointing their guns to him. He's standing in front of the torture instrument and BB walks in looking pleased while eating chocolate. SK looks at the torture instrument and thinks about what awaits him. JH and HA are lying in bed (with their clothes, don't get your hopes up). He told her that SK was captured. BB is enjoying torturing SK saying you can endure it cuz you're a sodlier but what about your father and the princess. She slowly comes close to him with a liquid dropper. Looks like it's acid. She told him your father and the princess will be naked and begs for their lives. SK thinks about his father and screams as BB drops the acid on his arm. JH and HA are in the room when he suddenly receive a call from SK. SK is speaking according to what BG instructs him. He asks to meet JH alone somewhere. BG is satisfied after they finish the call. HA is worried. BG told her it's ok, he will go and come back. Then places a kiss on her lips and leaves. JH went to meet SK. He has some men with him. JH is glad to see SK seems ok. BG's men are around with riffles. SK has a record chip on the back of his ear. SK tells JH to have his men leave. He orders them to do so. SK walks to his white car and JH follows him. They're going somewhere. JH asks SK some question but he doesn't answer. BG's men are following them behind. HA is with her father in the car. SK takes JH to a place with pine trees. Somewhere near a beach (it's Busan ^-<) . They walk to a cliff and BG, BB and his mean are waiting for JH. There's a throne there. The men are pointing guns at JH. BG with his white umbrella stands up and says you've come your highness. JH looks at SK in shock. SK coldly points a gun at JH. END NO PREVIEW!!! I swear this must be a plot by JH and SK!!!
@soula81 yeah right !! with their kids @ theme park heheheheh!
@spazzdom/ Thanks for the link :) I really appreciate it!
@clownfacesg idk bout the others but i usually do my live streaming here
i was starving (cuz i didn't eat dinner haha) so went to make ramen. Now I'm typing reply to all your comment while slurping delicious ramen kekeke @all: I need to invent something new beside you're welcome. something soula-ish. It's my pleasure, dear hearty comrades :D @choihyeri: yep I'm also placing big hope in Shi Kyung. @pnhp: hmm i'm also considering that. what upcoming drama do you guys want me to do live recap most? @hani: i totally forgot they didn't have the wedding yet XO @mdemOiselle28: haha, daebak! way to go! i think since the engagement was such a grand scale they will probably skip it and go straight to show us JH and HA's kids hehehe *fingers crossed*
omg. I feel so jelly. Where did you guys watch it? Did you guys watch it on stream?
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