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Sooooooo they're back with this sweet cutesy themed track.....and I legit puked a rainbow.
There was general cuteness....sweet brotherly affection....a bubble blowing session (noooothing sexual js)......and a pillow fight. YES A PILLOW FIGHT. Now I don't remember the song tbh....but I enjoyed the video because I'm a sucker for concepts like this.
This child absolutely kills me tho. HE'S SO ADORABLE. And don't even get me started on Yibo.... How are y'all feeling about this comeback?
I LOVE THIS!!! I love uniq and have been waiting for them to comeback and this was perfect!!! Sooo adorable and they all look amazing! Seung youn looks soo perfect i love this hairstyle/color on him and Wenhan omo!!! I love how they all look simple nothing too crazy and dont get me started on Sung joo because ill be here all day haha
Seung youn~ his smile is just unf!
Wenhan...please freaking STAHP IT!!! But did you see me (unicorn plushie) with them ^_^ they're the cutest things ever!!! But them mustaches though~ Yixuan reminds me of Yongguk and it makes me excited for B.A.Ps comeback!!! This is my new jam though~ let me go listen to it for the entire week
Yibo~sama I've missed u😍😂
Well welcome back 😍😍🙌👌