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This is my submission for this weeks {Twisted Thursday} Challenge.
We probably have thought about this at least once in our lifetimes (no? just me?...) Anyways, I'm a proud otaku so this kind of thoughts are normal for people like me and it's just fun.
I have chosen Kenshin and Saber! I have always admired both of them, and I'm kinda curious how their relationship would be like. I mean the always so serious but loyal Saber and the kind-hearted but reliable Kenshin.

Dad: Kenshin Himura (Rurouni Kenshin)

Kenshin is funny, reliable, kind, and a bad-ass. I would be able to be like him, and learn the "Hiten Mitsurugi" style. Yes, his background might be trouble for me but I wouldn't mind, specially with the fact that his Battousai persona is gone, and there wouldn't be much fighting in the modern times anyways. I just would be able to learn so much from the experiences he's had about life in general. Also he's just hilarious~

Mom: Saber (Fate Series)

On the other hand we have Saber. I chose Saber because it would be so funny to see Kenshin and Saber together (kinda cute as well). I would not l only be able to learn another sword fighting style, but also learn how to be a knight!...or a gentleman in the modern days. I know she would take good care of me. The only problem would be that maybe I might become a mama's boy because of her "bodyguard-ish" and loyal nature.
Do you agree that they would make an interesting couple? I just think they would be hilarious and kinda cute. Also, I wouldn't make them mad, if you know what I mean...
Well, those are my anime parents! I can't wait to see what you pick for this challenge, so let's get busy people!!
Here's the link for the Original Challenge Card:
Kenshin, Saber and Sanji...what an adorable little family hahaha. I imagine they'd try to be "cool parents" and they'll probably argue over the littlest things. I mean...a badass dad and protective mom sounds like a interesting combo lol
@RosePark Quite a dangerous combo XD
@poojas Sanji will not only have cooking skills but also crazy sword skills xD