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So I got bored and wanted to make a card so I decided to make a card with all my anime stuff xD
So the first 3 pictures are the anime series I own being Cowboy Bebop(Signed by Melissa Fahn the voice of Edward picture 4), Deadman Wonderland, JoJos Bizarre Adventure (2012), Death Note, and Mirai Nikki which is signed by Josh Grelle the voice of Yuki. The fifth picture is of my Attack on Titan Funkos and the lone Goku xD and the last picture is an Autograph by Josh Grelle again. Its not much but I hope to obtain more! So what kinda anime related merchandise do you Vinglers own let me know in the comments or make a card and tag me in to see! Maybe make this a Tag Challenge @poojas @RosePark @VinMcCarthy @MaghdlinS!
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I am so jelly of your merch! It looks epic! My merch is literally one anime wall scroll and 5 different Totoro things ^^
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Seriously my few dvds don't stand up to this... especially because I don't have them in a case anymore.
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that anime video clip at the top, wats the name of that anime
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@charlesnash the anime is Yuru Yuri
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