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Thank You @AnnahiZaragoza for sharing this!!! I finally was able to listen to this after work and again TAO Did Not Disappoint!! This song is sooo perfect!! This seriously makes me soo happy Tao is doing what he loves and slaying life. His mini album perfect there is not one song that i don't like and that says a lot about his talent and music! His talent was seriously unappreciated and im glad were getting to see this amazing side of tao.
Dide zTao is better as a single artist than in exo....i watch videos and he looks so awkward like idk
oh my goodness i do too!
@DianaCastaneda I agree!! Tao is way better solo I feel like he was just there in the group for show
This song should be in an OST.
I dont know if you heard when be first realeased his solo debut they wanted yo like sue him for some bs...and then they were saying that he was selfish for leaving the group and going on his own...but im sure they feel the same way as us ..thats hes better off on his own than in EXO! @Marilovexoxo
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