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Insta-Fall: Candle Project

After seeing a few projects that were like, amazingly easy and cute, I decided to start a series of Insta-Fall projects. The basis for these projects is that they must be quick and easy--enough to build/create by just looking at a photograph or sketch.
Insta-Fall projects are really about creating the spirit of Fall without the headache of a messy crafting session, spending a lot of money or wasting time with things. There are just way too many things to be doing and to be about this season. We all know it too. We get pulled into a hundred different directions and it's insanity sometimes.
I hope you like this series and have great success in recreating these cute Fall projects that I share! Also, be sure to let me know how they turn out for you. For more ideas for Fall, be sure to click here.

This Candle Project you need:

Guinea fowl feathers (if desired)
Simply cut a piece of raffia that covers the candle glass votives (you don't want to start a fire), and tie with twine.
Insert a cute feather and you're done!
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