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Insta-Fall: Wall Tree Cards

Do you have a wall tree in your home? You don't?! Why not?! A wall tree is a vertical piece of (usually wire) decor that takes up little space along your wall and allows you to clip things to it effortlessly. You can find them at craft stores and online of course! Get one so that you can create this beautiful Fall leaf card display.

To make this you will need:

Wall tree (if you don't own one, get one that fits your everyday decor)
Card stock
Calligraphy pen (or a nice writing instrument that you already own)
Real Fall leaves (or faux, depending on what you have around you)
Hot glue (and gun)
Simply cut the card stock to post card size and glue the leaves to the card. From there, simply write out (in your bestest handwriting) the name of the leaves. Insert into the wall tree and you're home is Fall-ready!
Loving this easy-breezy Insta-Fall project? I have more! Be sure to click here!
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