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[My Pirate Crew]
Thank you @Danse for tagging me in this super fun challenge! Here's who I would want for my crew:

Luffy of course!

Pretty much an essential pirate.

Spike Spiegel

He counts as a space pirate, right?

Charlotte Badger

My favorite historical pirate.


An actual pirate AND he's an anime character!


For some reason there's still a big place in my heart for Tenchi Muyo.

Jack Sparrow

The greatest pirate I've never heard of.
@animelover13 @DaWayneHoskins @Muffina @EllieDean @MaddieWilliams I'm tagging you five in this challenge! That means you can make a card featuring whoever you would want on your pirate crew. The limit is 9. ^_^
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