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You simply cannot tell me that this isn't the most awesome thing you've seen with gourds! I have been wracking my brain for years, trying to figure out a creative way to use these seasonal behemoths in a way that isn't just a pile of gourds. I've seen tons of ways to carve them and insert candles, which is cute and all, but I love the simplicity of using them as vases!
What a clever idea, right?!

Make this today:

Farm fresh flowers
Florist tubes (glass or plastic from craft stores)
Find gourds and squash that are large and sturdy to stand on their own. Cut off the tops and scoop out enough flesh to hold one of your florist tubes. Fill the tube with fresh water and the stems of your fresh farm flowers.
That's it! I can tell you that this would make such a lovely display for a dinner when guests come over! Even if they don't say it, they will marvel at the beauty and simplicity of these natural vases for Fall!
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