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Hey dudes, Halloween is approaching. Are you ready to flex in a super awesome costume? Halloween costumes might be make it difficult for someone to workout properly, but hey, I still think it's a great idea. A couple of years ago, I remember my team member dressing up as a hot dog. And he was buff-ass hot dog. Could he squat in it? Nahhh. But he could spot us like the good teammate he was. Here's some dudes and dudettes dressed up in Halloween costumes at the gym....

Let's see pikachu climb!

This is what I'd call "swag."

SUPERpower couple doing superpower things!

Running might be hard in these costumes, but there's no harm in a brisk walk while being a unicorn or Mike from Monsters Inc.

Mister potato head is doing this thanggg

Would you wear a costume to the gym???

Mr. Potatohead on a treadmill is me at every gym always though.
I've done a rock climbing boulder competition where everyone dresses. I recall some woman calling me cute lol
@alywoah yess yesss Ofcorse! xD
@QueenJessilina that'll be awesome! If you do it, take pics! :P
yes id be link
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