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Horror movies are always better when they are based on true events. Watch this Youtube video and you will be fascinated, horrified, disgusted and and in the mood for some scary movies. But these 5 you will never think of the same again. These 5 Movies that are based on true events are Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Psycho, The Hills Have Eyes, The Rite, The Silence of The Lambs, and The Shining.
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Also, remind me to never go to Plainfield @nicolejb have you ever been there?
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no way! haha but I might have to look it up. I love creepy stuff like that. @TessStevens, I’ve been to the hotel The Shining is based off though! ahhhh
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@nicolejb I want to go there so badly!!!!!!
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It’s soooooo cool! I wanted to stay the night there, but it’s expensive. only got a mini tour @TessStevens
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