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Day 12-30 Exo Challenge
Day 12: Baekyeol Day 13: Fav Kris pic Day 14: Fav Exo pic Day 15: Hot Baekhyun (hahahaha)
Day 16: Luhan, Chanyeol, and Sehun Day 19: Fav Chanyeol pic (first one)
Day 17: Kai's Teaser -crotch grab warning- Day 18: Kai, Suho, and Xiumin Day 20: Growl Day 26: Growl (2nd Version)
Baekhyun Days!!! Day 21: Baekhyun bae!! Day 25: Baekhyun obviously! Day 27: Bacon
Day 22: Chen, Tao, and D.o. Day 23: History
Day 24: Kaisoo Day 28: -cute gifs- Day 29: Taoris gif Day 30: Fav all members gifs Sorry I got all out of order (I can count, I promise!). I did all the days too. I just paired them up some!!
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