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It's been kind of a trend for Pixar movies to start out with a short that is very much its own movie. I really liked these because they really work in terms of preparing the audience for what they're about to watch. Most -- if not all -- of the shorts have been sort of light in content but it looks like the next one, Sanjay's Super Team, will be a little more personal than the previous ones.
Pixar recently released a clip of the short to give us an idea of what the film itself.
Sanjay's Super Team is directed by Sanjay Patel -- who got his start as a Character Layout Artist on The Simpsons before moving to Pixar as an Animator and Story Artist. The short has been described as such by the folks at slashfilm:
Pixar鈥檚 newest short follows Sanjay, a young boy whose Saturday morning cartoon is disrupted by his father. Uninterested in Hindu prayer, he instead reaches for his action figure, and when he accidentally blows out a candle, he鈥檚 sent to a cosmic Hindu temple.
By that synopsis, I think we can all assume that Sanjay's Super Team's content will center itself around religion, family, and childhood. And even from the screenshot above [first block] you can already see the division between Sanjay and his father. They're both on separate mats, facing opposite directions, focusing on two different things.
The clip gives us a sense of this as these two things clashing and I can't help but wonder what the rest of the short will be like. Sanjay's Super Team will be paired with The Good Dinosaur (which comes out next month on Thanksgiving). I, now, have even more reason to watch The Good Dinosaur in theaters next month because of this short that'll precede the feature film.
@shannonl5 @Marichel Pixar eats emotions? Is it like the matrix and they're just tear-farming us?
@Marichel because they feed on our tears
yeah ik .like why is pixar doing that ..... --.--
@VictoriaMorson Same here. By this little tease it looks really cute but at the same time I'm worried (not really worried at all) that I'll be in tears by the end of it, haha
I can't wait to see the full thing. This is funny and cute馃槅
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