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Hi, my name is Dani, and I'm a talkaholic. (It exists. Believe me. I just looked it up on Wikipedia.) Ever since I was a little girl, I was the most talkative person in the room. I'm the one who spills the beans when there's a surprise party. I'm the one who accidentally spoils the ending of that movie you want to see that I already did. My inability to whisper is equal or greater to my inability to sit through silence. I have to fill it with noise. It's a thing.
I have been trying to correct myself since I was in middle school - especially the time when we discover ourselves, social flaws included. It also didn't help that I was declared 'Most Talkative' of my 8th grade class. I know. I talk a lot. We get it.
Dealing with a talkative person, I've heard, is the absolute worst. But these people have hardly considered what it must feel like to be the person that always feels the need to talk.

So to all my fellow talkative Vinglers, tell me if you know these feels. And all of you people who've tuned talkative people out (including me, in this card), pay attention for once, okay?

We love being passionate storytellers.

So maybe you don't care about that embarrassing thing that happened to us in the 9th grade, but it was a big deal to us so even if you empathize only a teeny bit, the story was worth it.

We want you to talk as much as we do.

A big misconception about us is that we love to hear ourselves talk. The reality is we're hoping that by sharing our own personal anecdotes, you'll share more about your life too.

Headphones and Bluetooth devices are our worst enemy.

When you're listening to your iPod, we can't talk to you, and likewise, when you're talking into your Bluetooth, we get really bummed when we realize you're just talking to somebody else.

We have good ideas and intelligent opinions too.

Talkative people sometimes talk so much that often, when we say something we want others to take seriously, it's blown off as just another ramble. And truthfully, it hurt our feelings.

Sometimes we just need to talk things out.

When we're feeling sad, angry, confused, or even happy or excited about something, we need to express that out loud to somebody else in order to get it past us and move on.

We know we accidentally talked your ear off.

Not all talkative people are aware of just how much we talk, but those of us that do really try to catch ourselves when we feel we're boring you or losing your attention. Sorry, it's a habit!

Sometimes when we hang up after a phone call, our ear hurts.

Okay, talkative people, be honest. Who has had that fuzzy ringing in their ear after they got off the phone because they didn't realize they'd been screaming into it for a half hour?

We often admire our introverted or shy friends.

People respect you. You're mysterious and mature. People we meet know anything from what meds we're on to the name of our goldfish that died back in 1997. Our mystery is gone.

We want you to tell us if we've told you this story before.

Nothing makes a talkative person feel more like an obnoxious old person than when they find themselves sharing the same story to the same person over and over. Please end this cycle.

In fact, tell us (nicely) if we're disturbing you too.

Sometimes we're too excited and want to 'storytell', but we don't realize you're trying to focus on something else. Just a quick "Tell me once I'm finished!" will do. Try it. It changes lives.
I hope all my talkative Vinglers not only agree with many points on this list, but feel somewhat comforted by the fact that you're not alone. (And if you ever want to sound off about something, you're always welcome to send me a message! I love making friends!)
@danidee absolutely! It just shows what kind of person they are, not you, the one talking. We don't say shut up in my house, unless it's silly. (Tony Chopper type "shut ups"! Lol)
@JessicaChaney @TerrecaRiley @ButterflyBlu @LizArnone @keshabarkulis3 I don't think saying 'shut up' to anyone is EVER okay.. no matter how much they talk!
thank you. for the longest time. I had no idea why I was attracted to people who were nothing like me. I'm a talkaholic. and never knew how to answer this question xD
@JessicaChaney @TerrecaRiley I would never tell you to shut up! That's just mean!!! :(
yess,totally.Also when I write a card,it becomes a novel.Teachers as well commented on my report cards how I talked too much,lok However,I have a pretty keen sense of others and absolutely know when to shut up.No one needs to tell me that,lol
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