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Almost 5 million hearts for that boy just sitting and eatting lol
@DocLee For real! It's not possible! @B1A4BTS5ever I was dying at the cutest of it all!!! @heidichiesa Feels overload!!! 😱 @BluBear07 I could watch him eat over and over. It's probably a problem. @jgallegos222 I wished I could have seen it live! @KDramaKPop1015 It's called V Live Broadcasting by Naver V (depending on Apple or Android). You can only watch live and post with a free account. But after a few hours, people upload them to Youtube. @sherrysahar I was so hungry already, but after I was starving!!!
@frisky199123 and @wllmvns I only chanted "take it off" for like 5 minutes. 😉 @RochelleDiamond Same!!! @KellyOConnor For real!!! I wish I could eat that much and be that small!! @LizaNightshade It's all for the feels!!! He knows it kills us!! @amandamuska I was dying at that part! Hahaha!!! @jessicalnichols I was at least 100000 of those hearts! Hahahahaha!!!
it was so cute lol and he read some comments so cute
ahhhh jin!!! ugh I just died. just watching him eat gives me feels
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