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This pastel bridal bouquet goes out to all my brides celebrating the first of Spring south of the Equator! So jealous! Although, I must say, this California heat has been nonstop since March and it's mid-October! What is going on?!
Anyhow, if you're lucky enough to be south of the Equator, then here is a beautiful Spring bridal bouquet with gorgeous cotton-candy colors ranging from yellow to blue to pink! I see hydrangeas, orchids, roses, stock, what else?
Now, I said in another card, if you are mesmerized by this beauty and other flowers from Spring and Summer, then it is OKAY to use them for your flowers for Fall and Winter. Always go with your style and what you like. The great thing is, we live in a time when you can get any flower you like just about any time of the year! We are so lucky!
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