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So I missed the memo, but apparently October 13th was "No Bra Day” a day dedicated to raising awareness and funding about Breast Cancer.
Women post selfies with the hashtag #NoBraDay to spread the awareness. Women around the world, including celebrities like Selena Gomez. Sounds like a cool idea right? Well, the day did not go over too well.

Here’s why:

Instead of bringing about awareness, it caused the sexualization of breast cancer.

Women on Twitter took to the social media outlet to explain why it was wrong.

Let’s also remember this is a painful reminder for women who have had their breasts removed because of cancer.

Let’s remember. Breast Cancer is a big deal. A serious problem. And if we make light of that, using it only to create a campaign that makes women feel “sexy” then we are missing he point.

What do you think? Helpful holiday or terrible way to go about a horrible disease?

Ppl seriously try to make any day a holiday. I'm all for not wearing a bra, but that's only when I've made it home and I have no other plans whatsoever. But trying to claim that that's a good way to raise aware ness for Brest cancer.....Really? That's the lie we're going with? Okay. Psh more like Thot awareness. Good way to make ppl forget what the real concept is truly about. This is very offensive to those with breast cancer. I like that one idea of making it let's all get mammograms day instead
People focused on and talked about the sexual part so much that I didn't know it was for breast cancer until now. definitely not a good idea to support the cause
I have had family who lost their fight with Breast Cancer. I don't understand the concept of no bra day. If you want to raise awareness, or do something then Donate, attend a walk not wearing a bra is obsolete for the cause.
seriously plus me without a bra is just a no. definitely need to make more awareness about screenings and getting tested
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