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New Video Footage of El Chapo's Escape
...And something doesn't look right. On July 11th, 2015, El Chapo, a Mexican drug lord mysteriously made his escape from a maximum security. Except, it wasn't that mysterious, or quiet. Right before he made his escape, there were hammering noises coming from the tunnel and he was even speaking with someone below.
According to the video, El Chapo was watching a Mexican TV show when the tapping noises grew louder. This is when he makes his move to the urinal to flush the toilet, most likely to bury the noise.
He then puts his shoes on and walks to the shower area one more time and makes his escape. During the video, it appears that the monitoring center isn't concerned of what the monitors show. According to Latino FoxNew, the video shows the guards gather one of the computer screens and become aware that someone is inside the cartel leader's cell. After a long 15 minutes, two guards finally enter El Chapo's cell and discovered him missing.

One of the prison guards report back to the commander. Here's the English translation:

- Commander, you hear me?
- What happened?
- There is a hole in the shower.
- What happened?
- There a hole in the shower, commander, there is a hole in the shower.
- Is there a hole?
- Affirmative, affirmative. In the drain of the shower there is a hole.
- What size?
- Big, Commander, big ...
- The inmate is not there?
- No Commander, he is not.
- Inaudible.
- As quick as possible because we will lose him.

Currently, El Chapo is still missing.



Mexican solders cornered El Chapo in a mountainous region in Sinaloa, Mexico after his cell phone was tracked at a hide out in a ranch. When Mexican soldiers stormed into the location, they only found the phone and some clothes. Unfortunately, they did not find El Chapo there. Welpppp.
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@ChosenKnight very scary. Especially since according to TMZ, El Chapo wants Trump captured or dead...
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@BrunoDutch you're right. I definitely believe a lot of people were helping -- even people of authority.
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Lol that man has money to buy everyone .... He has my respects cause he does shit forward and not like politicians who talk to much but never do something so whoever el Chapo good luck to him his business will start again no doubt and plus the president is in this why he talking shit and making promises which he never accomplished 馃槒
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I agree with you @lupitatomas the dude is smart! but he still committed crimes. and that鈥檚 scary stuff!
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