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It looks like we're going to be seeing a lot more of Donald Glover next year. After leaving Community, I know a lot of my friends were worried that he wasn't going to return to acting at all. But with FX picking up his series Atlanta for a full season in 2016, I'm pretty sure we're all going to have a giant Donald Glover/Childish Gambino party.
His show, Atlanta, is about the hip-hop community in the titular city and how two cousins try to work their way up in the music scene. I don't think it'll be completely revolved around music but this could also mean some new music from Glover and I'm completely okay with that.
But it's a long way until we get to see what the show will be. So, until then, enjoy one of my favorite live performances he's done. The story behind it is that he was on tour and found himself an off day where he decided to do an impromptu show in a random steakhouse.
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I'm so excited for this. I love Donald Glover. So multi-talented