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Hellllo everyone!
I thought I'd join into the fun challenge made by @Danse to create our own pirate crews. And because I sort of love idol anime and magical girl anime, I thought I'd make a magical idol crew!
For more details about the game check out the original card:

My crew would be called "Kirara Power Crew!" and this would be our Jolly Roger!

Why this Jolly Roger (that I failed at creating but I tried lol)? Because it's sparkly and cute but also dangerous when crossed, just like my crew ^-^
Oh, Cavendish? Well, he wouldn't let us print it without adding his face, soo......

Captain: Cavendish!!!

Oh come on now, who to better lead my beautiful, sparkly crew than the wonderful Cavendish? Sure, he's got some issues, but I think he'd fit right in with the rest of the crew, hahaha!!

Crew Members!

1. Homura from Madoka Magica

Let's just call her our....secret weapon? She's super dedicated to her cause, whatever that may be, and she is willing to torture herself or go through great trouble in the name of saving those she loves!

2. Eli from Love Live!

This may seem like a really weird choice, but Eli is decisive, strong minded and sticks to her sense of morals! Now, I know that pirates don't "need morals" (lol) but my point is that she's loyal to her team and ideology, so she would make a great member! Plus, she's got all that practice leading the student council right?

3. Sailor Mars

Because she is #waifu4laifu according to @SeintoSeiya and just generally amazing; why wouldn't we want her on our team?

4. Mimori from AKB0048

Mimori tries to keep performing/fighting with her friends even when she is going through the crazy fever of succession, and ultimately comes out stronger because of it! If you can't tell, I'm going for a really loyal team here, because I think loyalty is the thing they need most!

5. Takane - Idolm@ster!

She might be from the moon, which is pretty cool, but other than that she's very regal and always speaking very politely. She would be perfect to have around to do negotiations for us, right?

6. Aroma Kurosu from PriPara

She speaks a bit archaically as well, so she will get along well with Takane above! Which is important, because everyone needs a friend, right? Even though she might seem a bit evil, her harsh way of acting gives her more confidence, and she's still loyal to those she's been with for a long time, so we don't have to worry about her ^^

7. Chieri Sono from AKB0048!

Some people think Chieri's a bit of a bitch; I think she just knows what she's after, and that's someone I want on my side! With Chieri on my team, we'd be able to reach whatever goal we set; I'm sure of it!

8. Mami from Madoka Magica

I just think Mami's gun is really awesome and I want it on my side, defending my people!

9. Nozomi from Love! Live!

Did you really think I was going to leave best girl off my list? Of course not!! We need Nozomi's fortune telling powers to make sure that we are safe at all times, and to help us take the right course when we're faced with big decisions :)

Can you make a cuter team than me?

I don't think sooooooo. But I challenge you to try :)

~Don't forget to share & spread the cuteness~

I guess it didn't catch my fancy too much.. I dont really remember it -.-"
I've watched Madoka... -.-"
@KyleSearl hahahaha that was the goal ;) @Danse they're honestly all from super girly or idol anime (other than madoka!!! everyone should watch madoka!) so don't feel pressured to watch em lol @SeintoSeiya she had to be here ^_^
glad* too *smacks spell-check around*
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