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Which BOF Version is Your Favorite?
Boys Over Flowers was originally an anime that was adapted to become a drama. It first hit the screens in Taiwan with Meteor Garden, then spread to Japan and then Korea!

Meteor Garden - Original Taiwanese version!

Hana Yori Dango - Japanese Version

Boys Over Flowers - Korean Version

For me, I like the Korean version for the drama but there is a Hana Yori Dango movie that I really, really enjoy! The cast for that is so cute :D

Which is your favorite version!?

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I really like the Korean version because hello Lee Min Ho. But the Japanese version was what got me into drama and Jun Matsumoto stole my heart no matter how douchey his charter got hello you cant say no to his face. So yes the Japanese version is my favorite.
Japanese XD I mean I can understand both without subtitles but bro did you see the guy on the right? Omg I forgot his name XD