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Yes. Alex Morgan is my favorite athlete.

Not only is she beautiful (unfortunately she's already engaged), she's an amazing soccer player. Let me just outline how perfect she is.

First of all, she is an amazing soccer player.

Her winning shot against Canada during the 2012 London Olympics is something I cannot forget.

She is both dedicated and mentally tough.

She is also very inspirational.

And...she was featured in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.

She was also the first female soccer player to be featured in the cover of EA Sports' FIFA 16 video game along with superstar Lionel Messi!

She is just absolutely perfect! Go Alex!

Well, this will be my last card for "Ladies' Week". Special shoutout and thanks goes to @shannonl5 for planning this awesome event.

And thank you to all the Vinglers that participated in this event! You guys are the best!

@DonovanMoore and also YEAH DEFENSE!
She is badass
@danidee HAHAHA She is such a legend. And if Alex Morgan is playing professional soccer with makeup on, she shall play professional soccer with makeup on!
At first, I was like 'Is she playing professional soccer with makeup on?' and then I was like 'Hell yeah. She's playing professional soccer with makeup on.'
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