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Moderator Appreciation
Hey guys, this is vaguely Marvel related and I hope it doesn't get removed, but I'd like to thank @shannonl5 for her work in the Marvel Comics section! I am really new to Vingle (first week) and there is one person in particular who holds a strong presence. She is constantly commenting and uplifting all of us Vinglers and while she may not be the only one, she seems to be the most recurring one. Shannon posts regularly in a lighthearted way that encourages me to post as well every time I read her cards. Due to this I thought we as the Vingle community could drop a comment and share how she has improved your Vingle experience! I'll kick it off: In my previous post (which was posted in response to her calling me out haha), Shannon was the first Vingler to respond to my post and tagged various other Vinglers quickly getting my card out there and I received an overwhelming response because of it. Comment and Vingle on!
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I agree with @purplem00n23 :)
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@ChriSingularis @DanRodriguez @jcl4rks0n @shannonl5 @amobigbang @purplem00n23 @BiblioLady YOU ARE ALL SO NICE TO ME OH MY GOODNESS *totally blushing*
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@shannonl5 you make us happy. I'm glad @ChiefAlphaGoat posted this card ^_^
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@ChiefAlphaGoat - Great appreciation card! Well done! @shannonl5 has brought a sense of excitement/enthusiasm and genuine inclusiveness to this community. She works hard to bring thought-provoking, meaningful subjects related to the community for all to enjoy and discuss. And she's truly a wonderful, caring, and open-minded person with a great sense of humor, warm personality, and engaging intellect. She's the perfect moderator for this community!
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@JonPatrickHyde oh my goodness you're too kind! <3
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