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I was tagged by @Mattk95 to participate in the awesome Soundtrack of Life playlist challenge. The theme is Ladies! Yeah, move aside boys and bring on the ladies.
The ladies week event was actually started by @shannon15 to show appreciation to...obviously, the ladies! If you're active in the Kpop community, read THIS CARD and start participating.
And finally, here's my little prologue: I'm a big BoA fan and she's one of my Kpop Artist and we all know her, so today I'll be focusing on other artists that are under the radar. I'm trying to stay away from mainstream Kpop groups and focus more on Kpop Artist.
If you appreciate amazing vocals, rock and r&b. Read on.

Younha (윤하)

I actually discovered Younha through Bleach (way back in 2007). I heard the ending theme and immediately I searched up who she was. Younha is a rock music song writer/singer. She debuted in Japan after auditioning 20+ times in Korea. The Korean entertainment companies just wouldn't signed her despite her amazing vocals and the reason is pretty lame. They said she wasn't pretty enough. Well, long story short after she gave up on Korea she tried out for Japan, went viral and came back to debut in Korea.
Otherwise, we wouldn't here this awesome song: The Real Reason Why We Broke Up (우리가 헤어진 진짜 이유)! The strumming is beautiful and the music video itself is pretty breathtaking.

As One (애즈원)

First of all, don't confused them with the Hong Kong Girl Group (As One) which debuted in Korea. The name is confusing because both sings in Korean except the HK group is mainstream Kpop (4 girls) and the original As One is r&b (two girls).The duo's voices are soothing and the harmonizing is just brilliant. You probably heard a lot of their tracks already if you watch Kdrama. Their voices are great for the lovey-dovey scenes.
The featured track, Breakup (헤어져) was for Lovetonic, an album collaboration with selected Female artists.

Joo-hee (주희)

She's the female vocalist of the co-ed Vocal Group 8eight. As a Kpop group they are really underrated and as a solo artist Joo-hee is also under the radar. Her vocal is raspy and romantic, which is perfect for genre like r&b, ballads and OST.
Featured song: "Hello 안녕" (마녀의 연애 OST) from a familiar drama "Witch's Romance" starring Park Seo-Joon and Uhm Jung-Hwa.

J (제이)

I really like r&b or what you call old school Kpop. The vocals are more apparent, the lyrics are poetic, less auto-tuning (if you know what I mean).
Featured song: Like Yesterday (어제처럼). This song was first released in 2000. 10+ years later it sounds just as fresh. I even included the live version from the early 2000s. A singer that sound just as good during live is to be praised!

Choi Jin Yi (최진이)

She was the lead vocal for indie rock band, Rumble Fish (럼블 피쉬). Unfortunately, the group disbanded in 2010 but she's still singing under the band name. Most of the song from Rumble Fish is really upbeat and bright.
Songs like "Smile Again" and Propose (청혼) is really cute displaying her soft yet strong vocal. Her most recently appearance was on KBS's TV Show Immortal Song 2 which she shows off her rocker cords.

Davichi (다비치)

This duo is known for singing ballads. I don't know why they're not big in the States but they have many hit singles in Korea.
They have a music video for their song Turtle (거북이), but I want to show you the live studio version. Their breathing control is on point.

Son Dam Bi (손담비)

Did you know she started off as a hip-hop, r&b artist? Unfortunately, she went into mainstream sexy girl concept (e.g. Queen, Saturday Night) because her album was doing too well. I would prefer her strong r&b cool girl style any day, but I guess her company was in charge of the concept.
Sadly, we can't see her performing "Cry Eye" again. "Can't U See" was the closest one to date.
You finally reached the end of my long card. :P
So, what are you waiting for?
Tell me your favorite female artist! @VixenViVi @Marilovexoxo @wllmvns @B1A4BTS5ever @byeolbit
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@cindystran Congratulations!!! You actually managed to introduce me to a group a couple of songs i hadn't heard before, I really liked all your song choices, especially So Dam Bi, I love the song Cry Eye, and Davichi who are absolutely incredible, their vocals are beyond amazing :) I love this card so much, thank you for participating ^-^
Love it!! I'll look into making a girl card! XD
@Mattk95 I'm glad you found a few gems! Your playlist challenge actually came in the right time. I wouldn't have realized I've been neglecting the ladies on my playlist. Day6 and Got7 stole my attention.
@VixenViVi excited to see your list! :)
wow...great job and great taste on your list