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So THAT'S What This Sign Means!

Actually, on second thought, please don't ever do this to your car, you guys.
@danidee LMAO Oh man the lowriders (ˣ∇ˣ) I kind of miss seeing that stuff. It was fun and a cheap form of entertainment. Well, for those of us that didn't insanely crazy stuff to our vehicles..it was very cheap. I'd show up in my factory audi like 'Sup".... *dies laughing* I didn't even care. It was fine how it was. >_>
LOL You kidding? This is normal for the guys and gals in their car clubs. I used to be in an Audi and Volkswagon club that met up at 'Quaker State & Lube' every weekend. (If you don't know that place, look it up, it's famous for different automotive meet ups..) But yeah, personally I would never do it to my car. >_> Nope nope.. (`へ′)
@Danse Hahahaha, I would always just wander past the lowriders on the way to ordering my banana chocolate milkshake and tater tots. I'm not chola enough to hang with that crowd here.
@Danse Omg, we have automotive meetups in San Diego, but it's usually just a bunch of cholos with pulled-up socks showing off their lowriders in the Sonic parking lot lol.
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