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I like the concept of live-action trailers for video games. Especially when it shows us a world that we'd probably end up having really nice dreams about. That is not the case for Fallout 4. For the uninitiated, the Fallout series takes place hundreds of years after a Nuclear War destroyed most of the planet.
If the idea of everyone you love and care for being decimated by one bomb doesn't terrify you, then please go away from me, why don't you have human feelings, you freak.
While it's cool to see staples of the Fallout world in live-action, I can't help but think of those nightmares I'd have about people in Power Armor (pictured above) chasing me through an underground labyrinth. Telling me to come back, shooting weird lasers at me, telling me I'm ugly... or something.
Either way, I like this world to stay in a video game instead of real life. And hey, I know I said if I could live in any video game world, it'd be the Wasteland but I don't think I'm eager to go to that place any time soon.
I will admit that I'm so goddamned excited for this game to come out on November 10th, 2015.
OMG WHAT. THIS IS AMAZING. I love Fallout, my favorite video game franchise by far.
Got to watch out for those evil chickens!
Yeah. I think a movie would be amazing. Like, full on live action, big stars, big budget. I think this concept is just so cool @paulisaghost
@TessStevens totally! i love it so much even though I'm absolutely scared of certain moments, hahaha
Sooo cool!! <3 I can't wait to play this game! @TessStevens yes! That's such a cool idea, isn't it?? I'd be there opening night, for sure!